Fireco 2-20-06


Pictures will be taken individually for ID, then a group photo about 8 PM.

Banquet April 1, 5:15 Social Club-changed from March 18

Reading of Minutes

Change electric to air line material, piping (page 1), change Greenawalds to Woodlawn was first up, (page 3)

Approval of minutes

Candidates for membership

Roll call of officers present

01, Rusty

02, Barry

03, Rich

04, Junior

05, Dave

06 Ricky

07 Will

08 Justin

fire police 09, 10





Report of Officers

Firefighter close Australia, FF killed at home and he tried to get everybody out.

Stair collapse, Nj FF who returned to fire for evacuation, FF who cut finger and infection killed him,

Line of Duty Deaths (LOADS) 7 proposals suggested for safety discussed by members and will be discussed by Officers.

Jack & Charlie have both retired as of last week as fire police

Thanks from Kish for help w/training on first aid/CPR

4 helmets ordered, waiting for fronts, need suspenders was suggested.

Report of Committees

Banquet : on schedule April 1 at club, deadline next week

Holiday Party: no update

Fire Prevention: no update

Incentive : no report

Parades: no report

Communication & Correspondence: note about grant, Dan Fahringer on leave until April 1, Fire Police retirements, Dave Bond/cub pack visit , thank you from Rich Tice & Family , officers from Lower Milford, hazmat and Tech rescue looking for people, Shad group, rescue call response letter ( 51 stays and wait for VFT’s). 91 should have hazmat operational. Non-vrt’s will not run rescue tools.

Finances – Mike - treasurer's report accepted as read

Old Business: none

New Business: Rick is back from medical leave, Rusty’s mom in hospital,

Calls: Charlie Brown, Diesel Spill (weather a hazard), transfer pump used. Suggest new flex wands, larger diameter for larger volumes. Rescue ridgeview and walbert, Row of ArborVitae on Congress ablaze, was quite a going fire, dry conditions and wind are becoming a problem. Rescue on Huckleberry with wires. Target/fermaldahyde

New Toys: new tools ordered for 06, new k-12’s

Jr: fire reports are getting lax, need complete info and proper coding, what really happened, not just what was called out for.

Fund drive in process, will go out end of April, early May.

Adjourned 9:18