January 16, 2006

Woodlawn Fire Department Monthly Meeting Minutes

7:22 called to order

Corrected to read deputy Chief

Approved as corrected

\card to Rick Laub

No candidates for membership

Roll call absent Jr ) work) 10, mariner, decker


Safety rich – passed out literature about turnout properly donned

Getting off the apparatus safety, wait for officer’s command to get off.

Bad weather coming – take your time

Fire & rescue training – Jr not here, Justin Monday is nims 100 @ 6:30 PM

25 th to hospital 6:30 pm, ff survival may be changed, fillout alt training reports if you are taking class, 5 ff in FF1, haz mat coming first aid & CPR next month

Cope Maint of trucks – 21 speedometer still not a go, ts ordered from pierce, 92 choke cable broke, parts on order, need to choke manually.

Will , if you have questions, there will be a short Justin class tonight on 92 choke and new fastners

Ricky grounds final bids are in for specialists room, wall condition has a bearing on what we do. Need to have support for new floor and equipment. All bidders knew about the problem.$10,000 roughly

Kd works $ 7325, shier 10,085, JCF construction 10 G; all no electric

Rich will check with KDWorks.

Chief requested a motion: accept the low bid, pusruant to Rich's Ok and check with Better Business Bureau, and check for insurance coverage. Made by Todd, Justin 2 nd,passed unanimously

Can trailer full, Sr notified for dump. $1434.20 for year 2005

Siding is finished and spouting, waiting for signing.

Rick going to organize the upstairs space. Took in $438 in soda sales, Air system piping will need help, one weekend. Ron has prices.$1194 for electric, center court hose reel add $265, condensate drain $170 tabled to next month. Green light needs to be repaird in Bay for 51

Floor lighting fiber optic installed, $16, 317, new style rope light, (7786 for old,) newer 11683 newer style LED

Suggested spots and reflectors. Issue tabled for LED and floor lighting.

Will-1/4 master: will have new gear people keep old gear for training. Stolen pager replacement ordered, new map fro station house ordered and will be laminated. Gear grid should be complete and labeled. Thanks to dave and kish. Ordering bolts and nutserts for pack track

08 justin – requests permission to purchase 4 cylinders so that we have a spare for every pack motion and second, passed unanimously

Will ordered 10 mask bags, cylinders shipped to midaltantic still ourt at scott

New Zip nuts-

Fire police, rick laub out sick, Charlie is out,

Barry – haz mat make sure that you are familiar with the equipment before the course. Problem with CO with Springhouse. We will be notified with any further incidentrs. FF clases will be going on until June @ high School.

@ Frederick – policeman attacked the fire with an extinguisher. Keep in mind that they may be in a cleared building.

Haz mat some classroom some practical stuff. During class,


Brian Dalgano- prospective member ( fromMuhlenberg-sophmore)

Comm. Members posted

Banquet 3-18-06



Fire Prevention will start meeting again

Fleetwood sent thanks

Greenawalds did a great job durin g our pwarty

DOH safety couse coming up in T-town

Finaces - treasurer's report accepted as read

Old business- contacted about the Will, should be forthcoming

Old business – new truck – russ, will craig long and other went to see chassis. Chassis should be at KME by end of the week. We will visit again some weekend during construction. Slide e show to be done tonight

New Business: Map book updates ready and will be printed.

Prolog set up emails for all officers. Working on wireless to be ready for all the officers and members.

Calls 484 for year 2005

Frederick building receicevd third party call. Construction Workers called their boss, who called county. No smoke until fire erupted. Plastic stain bucket with rags and cover erupted. Greenawalds was up first, acrid smoke condition. Could have been bad if not discovered early. Lots of flammables in area.

New toys: new coat dryers, boots or gloves/ leave plugged in. use as needed. Dries overnight.

New checklist for power tolls, worked well, snowblower not on the list,

Radio traffic in some stations getting bad.

County going to county wide ID system. We are going to use ours for the time being. Tags will be with ID, picture, magnetic stripe.

Slides shown of new truck.

Meeting ad journed