July 16, 2007




Called to order @ 7:20

Minutes read and approved as corrected

Candidates for membership:

NO sign of new Jeremy, Vance has returned and will be active again.

Roll call

RUSTY - yes

BARRY- yes


JR- yes

DAVE - yes later

RICKY- yes

WILL- yes




Mariner- yes

Fahringer- yes

Kish- yes

Decker –no



            01barry recruitment retainment see above

            02safety/safety training fire police

            03 mack so, 30 driver train, aug 6 combi tools at salvage, 16 d/t, 27 is picnic at russ’s,  survival and thermal imaging coming up later


            04 cope, hose testing started today, 21 tomorrow, pump testing Wed

            05ricky, sign is installed, thanks to all that helped out., ron will do electric, price willl do landscaping

            06will, will pull gear tonight.

            07 airpacks, todd $93 credit still at Dalmation



Mariner quarterly cascade report, 127 last quarter 229 year to date MUST WRITE OUT ENTIRE SERIAL NUMBER AND HYDRO DATE

Kishofficer  fill out the report, not just anyone..Officer sign after a review, no matter who fills out


Fire Police will meet after this meeting


banquet committee – will  have one

Holiday Comm

Fire Preve/Open House -


Parades – on back board

Comm & Correspondance $100 NAnacy Cosentino- grove st, thank you for financial relief for rothermell, letter from Parkland HS Booster club for football ad in program.$50-motion made and passed.


Finances, reported by Mike, Solvent and looking good  $23,832 fund drive


Old business –

New business – Ricky – 51, when he got supplies, he could use a trailer for 51, small 4x8 trailer.


Calls:  wreck this morning 309 & Pope, a felon  escaping police , structure firealls at goodwill at  tilghman square, patricia Dr fire in outside pit from chimney, cascade calls, buckey pipeline, 


Note first weekend in Aug 309 railroad crossing will be closed.


New toys – none  flotation collar for stokes basket


Cope 12 worked on and both thermostats replaced – On 92 don’t shut door slam, it bends the rod. Currently at Kelley for turbo repair, blows hoses off.


Adjourned at 7:50