Minutes for Woodlawn Fireco – June 19, 2006


Meeting called to order 7:20 PM


Reading of minutes

Approval of Minutes - approved

Candidates for membership – waiting for a background check on one prospect

Roll Call of Officers,

Rusty Held,

Barry Search,

Rich Tice

Jim Kutz, Jr.

No Dave Cope (came later)

Rick Kehnel

Will Schlier

No Justin Delong


Reports of Officers

Recruitment/Retainment & New Members 32-02

Asked to consider 3-31 for placement at calls. 26 is embarking on a zero tolerance for alchohol, wants everyone else to join in. This is in reference to responding after drinking.

Safety/Safety Training and Fire Police 32-03:

With warm weather, be careful, aware of heat exhaustion. Drink water. Take breaks. Stay on trucks when waiting after response to wires calls. Attended a meeting with Justin re: near miss class. Evaluate risk/reward. Noted that Fire Police doing great job.

Fire & Rescue Training 3204 -Fire Reports:

FF challenge next week. July 3rd off, 10 TBA, 17 B/M, July pumper training and vehicle rescue at auto salvage. Congrats to those who graduated FF1 -John Carl, Mark Haedrich, James Kish, Mike Humes, Wade Greenawalt

Fire Reports, must be filled in correctly, mileage and addresses. Will soon be changing on back where names go. Report what unit you were on. Also put mileage on report to track mileage and fuel consumption. Also remember new reports on casualties.

Truck Maintenance/Driver Training 32-05:

Waiting for Dave. John Carl received "A" on 3212 and Mark Haedrich, “A” completed on 3292


Grounds & Engine House 32-06 :

Secure 1 was here last weekend, key fob repairs, many going bad. Investigating why. Thanks to John Carl & Todd Farhinger for the job on the air lines. Discussion about how to hook lines at top. Some work still needs to be completed, but in the works. Problem with people cleaning up after themselves. Mess left behind in classroom and engine house. Key caddy Is mounted on the second floor specialist’s room, keys to trucks, gas cards. $1,010.85 as of last week for can trailer.


Quartermaster (Gear , Radios, & Related Equipment) 32-07: plastic bow came in for front printer, but not hooked yet. Order in for more surgical gloves for trucks, clear safety glasses. 3-5 weeks for 2 sets of gear needing decon from blood. Waiting on prices for vests.

Air Packs & Related Equipment 32-08 ( see Spc. Fahringer): Air packs, Todd, fit testing July 10 start at 3:30. 24 flow testing. Started changing over battery for packs. Pass alarm batts will start this week.

PLEASE, strap in your packs after each call. Make sure the straps etc are belted in. waiting for one pack to return from warranty work.


Now $250 deductible on insurance since split, saves us money on premium, but higher cost on deductible.

Specialists – Mariner, K-90 going back out to get fixed, 2 day turn , Ray, Todd nothing


Fire Police - nothing

Reports on Committees

Communications & Correspondence: letters from fund drive results, $250 commerce bank, ($1000 received by Township, split fire dept and ambulance. Contract awarded for epoxy sealing of Engine floor.


Finances: reported by treasurer, accepted as read.


Old Business: _By laws Third reading; copies handed out to all present. Voted: passed unanimously.

Section 5.16

Financial Authorization of the Officers

Section 1.: The Officers of the Company are hereby authorized to apply for any loan and to borrow from any local lending institutions, banks, or State agencies on behalf of this Company and in its name for such purposes and in such amounts as approved by a majority of members at two (2) consecutive monthly meetings of the Company, upon such terms and conditions as prescribed by the appropriate lending institutions, banks or State Agencies to secure the payment of funds so borrowed and to evidence the indebtedness thereby authorized, to execute and deliver in the name and on behalf of this Company, promissory notes, judgment promissory notes, and other like obligations of the company signed in the name of this company, and to pledge as security for the payment of said notes and obligations any properties and securities now or hereafter acquired by this Company, which notes or obligations shall be in such form and shall contain such terms, provisions and conditions as may be approved by a majority of Company members.


Interrupted at 8:08 for an appliance fire alarm, returned at 8:30

Cope returned to meeting

New Business: Search reported on meeting with township manager on a few issues. Only problem resulting is that we need to be at the top of our game, changes as to how we use units when not responding to fires. Use intelligence, Twp people are monitoring costs.

Need a committee for old chief’s vehicle, SOP’s on how it will be used. See Barry or Rusty to be on the committee. Barry:Chair, Mariner, Jr, Cope

New Truck hopefully in next two weeks

Calls: car fire yesterday, actually two, one we put out and left, one we called the fire inspector to investigate. Unique call, launched at Rothrock. JR ended up driving Medic to hospital, as two of the responders were related to patient. N ot a routine call. Another wreck at 15 th & 22, took out light standard, alchohol apparently involved.

Discussed two alarm smoke in structure, need to hand off access key.

Scene on Liberty St., dispatched as a dwelling fire, smelled natural gas. Meter was climbing outside the door. Expansion tank exploded, took out the gas and water meter. No fire, but blew a hole in the floor above.

New Toys: coming next month, items out for bid now