Woodlawn Fire Department

Meeting Minutes May 18,2006


Called to order @ 7:30 May 18 2006

All present except Search, Delong & Tice

Next week - vehicle training, June 5 @ Mack. June 12 roof ventilation June & July

VRT - Wes & Jeremy passed class

Software updated for fire house,

Civilian & fire fighter casualty reports must be entered, name, address, age, gender, severity of injury

Put all info into written reports for new software requirements .

92 will be going to Macungie for scott filling

May 22 Dorney walkthrough

May 18 , 7 pm officers @ Cetronia, Dorney meet & greet, let 01 know

Cope trucks/driver training

April 28 Hahn inspected water leak fixed,

Rims and new tires, shocks on 21, air line for 12 installed,

Chris Cole, passed his CDL B test

21 is blowing off air constantly mechanic knows about it, will get it fixed

Rick - Upstairs done, phone lines are operational

Rip & run printer almost ready, waiting for phone line.

Front door FOB reader went bad, was replaced.

Old specialist room has wall knocked out to enlarge ft knox.

Sam’s club card now available for purchases.

Grass cutting contract to south landscaping ( see report.)

Can trailer dumped $532.35 ( $.60/Lb.)

Todd and John Carl reworked plumbing for black pipe before new truck comes in.

Motion made by Will to purchase pipe & fittings for black pipe from HAJOCA- $794.19 total,. seconded Dave

Passed unanimously on voice vote

Quartermaster – Will – plexi ordered for cover on rip & run to protect it from water damage.

Pager damaged, echo reported damage

Proposals for signs out front, 3948.50, 5900 fast signs

Old radios will be told through relief. Possibly to Kutztown.. must be sold, cannot be given away. Discussed $10/radio as a price.

JR airpacks –( delivered for Justin) signup sheet for using them for classes and use check in sheet when returning. Pass alarm batteries will be changed soon.

Scott bottle replaced under warranty.

Mariner – FEMA nothing new. State/ P.E.M.A. approved. Up to $15,000.

Todd – Monday Todd Kish, and two Laubs, everyone goes home class.

Todd suggests making a donation from can trailer proceeds to org fallen firefighters foundation that does help with anytime a firefighter is lost in service, doing administrative work, etc.

Motion made to donate $50 from every trailer dump load to Fallen Fire-Fighters Foundation. Changed to $300 per year in time for Fire prevention, or 80/20 ours/theirs

80% of can trailer income to Woodlawn, 20% to Fallen firefighters foundation, to be paid out during May of each year, and include a letter that explains it came from our can trailer income. Passed unanimously.

Fire police, nothing, but all present.

Dec 9 holiday party

Prevention open house Oct 14th

FF picnic @ 01 Aug 28

New business – vest 2 FF vests in front seat , 2 Fire police and FF vest by med bags

Parades on board in Station

Thanks you from S.A.D.D. committee for rescue demo at school.

Support letters for F.E.M.A. grant are going around

Finances: Treasurer’s report accepted, fund drive letters going out, and starting to come in.

Old business – second reading of the amendment (See bottom of this report)

Relief meeting first Tues of month, about by-laws change. See paper submitted and read at meeting by the chief. Amending the amendment submitted and read last month. Section 5.16 Read as second reading for voting at next meeting. Copies were distributed to all members present Danny seconded, unanimous.

New thermal imaging color camera will be placed on 21 behind passenger street, demo’ed by 32-01

New business – old 91 – what is the plan? How will it be sold.? discussed

New “P” qualification discussed as possibly need a by-laws change. Was decided that it would be a SOP only.

Proposed by cope, second by Danny, that people under 21 who cannot drive be able to qualify on pumps only as a “P” qualification. Unanimous

Calls: discussed spill called in as a structure fire. Today’s accident on 22 came in in wrong direction ( E vs W).

King George – came in as structure, people there didn’t know it was burning. Fire found on roof on cutting. Problem communicating to get power and gas turned off. Questioned why automatic systems didn’t shut off equipment.

Friskies alarm, lack of entry keys discussed. Knox box should be coming.

Lehigh County has terrorism task force - money again. Hand held GPS might be requested. Gas meters. First two units on call box will have a sheet, plus one more at button push.

91 coming along well, delivery expected around end of June.

Adjourned 8:52 pm.


Woodlawn Fire Department

By-Laws Ammendment

First Reading April-17,-2006



Section 5.16


The Fire Chef and Treasurer or Ranking Board Member shall have the authority, with approval of the Board, to obtain loans for the Organization.