October 16, 2006
Woodlawn Fire Department
Meeting called to order at 7:30PM by 02
Minutes were read from Sept meeting and approved
Candidates for membership: see below
Roll Call of Officers: Rusty (no), Barry , Rich (no) , Jr (work), Dave , Rick , Will
Specialists: Ray Decker, Chris Mariner, Todd Fahringer,
Fire Police: 4 out of 4,
Picnic :
Banquet: still planning, @ woodlawn
Holiday party: dec 16 th
Fire prevention: went off ok , had a good response of personel. Will be a meeting to improve attendance.
Incentive: 2 things, goes to banquet committee, awards based on response.
Parades: on green board in back, trick or treat @ Dorney,
Communications& Correspondence: on the board out front
Finances: Mike out tonite, solvent
Reports of officers
04, Training scott burn at whitehall, be here by 6:30 next week. Commiittee will be Nov 21, Sat, 7 PM. All welcome or leave notes
05, Trucks Cope throttle cable replaced on 21, cascade went out of service for two weeks, CO monitor sensor.
New truck 91- it does turn pretty fast, be careful
06 rick can trailer doing well, $555.75 last week, $2058.60 this year, first aid kit mounted in fire house. Heat is on, keep doors closed.
07 will, pagers being broken, pats hard to get, be extra careful.
Specialists, no report
Fire police: their reports for fire police must remain in book
02: ff assoc meeting Oct 3, drug & alchohol policy being formulated for SWT. Will be adapted by each company. Will probably follow CDL requirements. Will be for drivers or firefighters.
3-31 is having hydraulic problems, plus engine loses power. Want to standardize the fire sign
front is A, B left, right C back D
Junior regs being looked at, fire prevention being looked at, rescue response discussed. We will only be called to our district. Call for mass response if needed when on scene. Box response discussed.
Liability discussion re: Dorney Park, has another building to come down.
Calls: 4 cascade, dwelling fire, Rescue. Fatal rescue. Cetronia fire, quick knockdown, good response, god lighting with new truck
New Toys: Deck gun (ground monitor) stackable tip and stream straihtener, 110 PSI ( 700 gpm @ 1.5") settings for standard and low pressure settings, variale wobble in the stream. (oscillates), 260 ‘ reach, will be on 32-12.
Old business: chief’s vehicle is here, having radio work done.
Nominating committee: No report. Chief Held and Nepon willing to serve again.
New member: Richard Houck. Papers in order. Membership approved
Adjourned 8:45PM