Woodlawn Fire Department

Meeting Minutes September 18,-2006


Meeting called to order at 7:29 pm by Chief/President Rusty Held.


Meeting Minutes of August 21st were not read or approved as the meeting was informal..


Candidates for Membership – New Candidate James Gilbert for Fire Police was in attendance; motion to accept as New Member made by Dave Cope and Seconded by Chris Laub.  Motion carried.


Roll Call of Officers: Officers Present: 01, 04, 05, 06, 07 08 is Vacant, HOWEVER, Ex-08 graced us with his presence; 09 & 010 are Vacant. Specialists Mariner and Fahringer and Treasurer Present. 02, 03 and Specialist Decker were absent, and Secretary Nepon was accounted for – floating on a ship. (Walking ON water??)/


Reports of Officers:

02  (Search)  No Report.

03  (Tice)  No Report.

04  (Junior)  Reviewed upcoming training sessions for next several weeks.

05  (Cope)  Truck Maintenance report is attached. (Copies provided to meeting attendees by 05.)  Reviewed status and actions taken on New 3291 and the gleeful disposition of the Old 3251, may it Rest In Peace.

06  (Kehnel)  Reported on epoxying the station bays floor and status of station in general.  Made motion to acquire a first aid kit from LSS for station. Motion seconded and passed.

07  (Schlier)  The renovations to Wil-Mart were discussed; job complete and tours available after meeting.  The New Wil-mart is open for business.

08  None, account position is vacant.  However, Ex-Specialist DeLong was present and had no report, account he was visiting.

Specialists:  (Chris Mariner)  Reported on status of grants and a brief overview of how they work.    (Todd)  Nawthin’.   (Decker)  Not Present.

Fire Police – No Reports




Picnic:  Went well. No swimming account Rain.  Everyone was already damp.


Banquet Committee:  Progress.


Holiday Party Committee:  Progress.


Fire Prevention & Open House:  Discussed.  See attached memo.


Incentive Committee:  Progress.


Parades:  List on the Green Black Board in rear of classroom.


Communications & Correspondence:

Letter from Station 26 explaining their Zero Tolerance Policy for abuse of Drugs (Illegal and Otherwise) and Alcohol.  The policy is applied to all their members AND to those who respond to and with Station 26.

Thank you expressions from Rusty regarding the passing of his father.

Thank you from the family of the EMS cardiac assist call.

Commerce Bank donation acknowledged.

Fullerton Banquet coverage request for November 4th, 2006.

CLIU – Thank you from the Special Needs Kids extended to FF Humes and FF Kish.



Treasurer’s Report reviewed.  Report attached.  Accounts at Wachovia now closed; all business is done at Commerce Bank.  Also, Year-To-Date report from Municipal Marketing attached.


New Business: 

New 3291 requested for display at LVH – Muhlenberg for Thursday, 9/22 for display. Request for a crew posted.

Nominating Committee formed for Officers for 2007 – Nominees for Chief/President, Secretary and Treasurer needed.
            Jim Kutz Jr. and Mike Briggs volunteered for the committee.



9-18 – Gas Leak at Luther Crest – Nursing Center end – contractor dug into line, again.  Nice gas cloud.  Delayed response from UGI – indicated they were not notified.

Fountain Hill – Cascade response by 3292.  It was a Cluster.



New Toys: -- Lots this month!

Three new meters – 1 similar to what we already have, 1 Chlorine and 1 Ammonia

Deck Gun

RIT Stuff coming – Prossor Pumps are here as well as screens and strainers. (Colanders too?? No kitchen is complete without one…)

Two sets of Irons, a Stokes Basket and a Hydra-Ram for the New 3291 are coming.

Most of the RIT Equipment is going on 3291.

Rip’n’Run printer – still awaiting software.

TUF Books for GPS Mapping – ordering two sets of tat for township, and software for HazMat/Chemical Database

New 3201 “SUPPOSED TO BE”  ready the week of 9/18 -- this week (yeah, we heard THAT before!) 




None; everything pretty well covered.

As an FYI, the Old 3251 is going to auction in Northampton for (county) auction since Ol’-51 is a Township-owned vehicle.  No one wanted it, not even the police department for a DUI vehicle.

Trying to get 3291-New in service by the weekend so 3291-Old can go Out of service then.


Meeting adjourned at 8:22 pm.


<s> Mike Hartman for Gabby.



Treasurers Report:





Truck Maintenance Report for July and August, 2006

Provided by 3205, Truck Captain Cope




Memo regarding Fire Prevention Open House


Note:  No Page 2 attached.